A day at Laurel Acres Kennels!

Our goal at Laurel Acres Kennels is to make your pet comfortable and keep them safe and happy. While no one can duplicate "home" for your pet, we know that your pet will soon become relaxed when they realize that our staff is friendly, attentive and caring. Our staff is dedicated to providing a loving environment for your pet.

Please click through our gallery above, and see what a normal day would be like for your pet. Specific outdoor activities may vary with the seasons and weather conditions.

Why choose Laurel Acres Kennels for your pet?

In our experience, we know that an indoor AND outdoor environment while boarding is best for your dog. We are proud of our state-of-the-art facility with an average of 76 square feet per run, allowing your dog more than ample space to choose their own comfortable environment, either inside or outside.

Our 72 runs are housed in 3 separate buildings, therefore reducing the dog density. We also have a spacious, quiet cattery. The interiors of the buildings are both heated and air conditioned for your pets’ comfort.

We have a variety of one-on-one indoor activities for cats and a choice of many indoor activities for dogs. We also offer many outdoor activities where most curious dogs prefer to be, in a beautiful, serene 5 acre country setting.

Our caring, nurturing staff are all certified by our own standards which were developed, administered and evaluated by Laurel Acres Kennels. We encourage all pet owners to tour our facility before making the decision to board with us. Please stop by any time we are open and we will show you our entire facility, no exceptions.

Our hours

Open Daily,
365 days a year
7:30am to 7:30pm

Check-out: 12pm.


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